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World Tour 2024


Since we founded in 2019, SuperNimbus has been very lucky to have worked on a constant stream of new and interesting projects.

This has allowed our team to grow slowly, but solidly, building up a vast assortment of technical knowledge about backend and multiplayer game development.

To celebrate the 5th year since our founding, we decided we would take this knowledge on the road and visit places were developers might be interested in what we can share.

Next Workshop – Galway June 13th

The next workshop is booked for Thursday 13th June in Galway at The Portershed.
There will be more details and linked to the event soon.

Sweden – April 2024

The first talk of our Tech Tour of Southern Sweden was at DevHub in Malmö . DevHub is a 4 story building where the Malmö game development community, Game Habitat, has organized a Co-Working space and a perfect location for presentations and meetups in central Malmö.

Their kind host Elin Arvidsson helped us set up and organized chairs in their large open stage area. Before the event, Sean met with Martin Walfisz, the CEO of ThunderFul Games and Johanna Nylander, chief analyst and deputy CEO of the Swedish Games Industry , the “UKIE of Sweden” and received a few copies of the Annual Swedish Games Industry report.

Malmö has one of the largest Game Development communities in the Nordics, with Massive (Ubisoft), SharkMob and Tarsier as some of the largest game studios


Something very serendipitous for the first talk of the first leg of our tour was to have the CTO of Coherence, Tadej Gregorčič  attend our talk.

The introduction to our presentation was inspired by a talk given by Tadej at Gamescom 2023, and we originally had a very large section on mesh-networks included in our talk, but had to cut it out for time.


Day two of the talk started with a 5 hour train ride from Malmö to Stockholm, where we braved the wintery April weather of the deepest darkest forests of Småland in the southern Highlands of Sweden. Stockholm decided to greet us with sleet, ice and wind cutting like daggers. (This was a highly unusual April, our native Swedish Guide Henrik wishes to make this very clear)

The presentation coincided with the opening of the soon-to-be inaugurated Co-Working space Game Town in Stockholm. Sean and Dave were shown the not-yet-ready location, and met with Christian Lövstedt (CEO of Midjiwan and the brain behind Polytopia) and Per Strömbäck, the CEO of the “Swedish UKIE”-organization. The SuperNimbus presentation was hosted at Usine Conference, in the same building that houses big studios like DICE, Epic Games and The Outsiders in Stockholm

Two of the attendees of the presentation were students who had just recently started using brainCloud in their school project and the timing couldn’t have been better for them to dive deeper into details of the platform that Sean presented in the Live Demo part of the talk.


We had a really good time in Linköpping at East Sweden Game.

Thanks so much to Thomas Ahlström for allowing us to talk, giving us the tour, and introducing us to all the developers there.

We had time before the talk to chat with some of the developers there about what they are working on and just generally discuss their tech solutions and their approaches to how they solved problems. Everyone we talked to seemed to have something unique and complex they were trying to tackle.

We stayed late after the presentation & demo was wrapped up and got grilled by the developers there on backend platforms and multiplayer solutions.

Thanks to everyone and hope to see you again soon!


The last day of the Tour saw us in Skövde, the home of massive indie successes like Valheim, Raft, V Rising and – of course – Goat Simulator

We were delighted to be allowed to present at the Portal Business Lounge of the Sweden Game Arena , the game development branch of Science Park Skövde.

Marcus Toftedal of SGA did a great job setting everything up and even recorded and streamed the talk for us. You can see a link to this recording below.

It was amazing to be within a stone’s-throw of some incredible studios and deep-rooted links to the Swedish games industry.

Skövde is a great example of where education and government can get together to create some solid opportunities for the game’s industry. Where there is a will, there is a way!

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