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Nexus Dublin – Oct 2023

For the first year of the Nexus Irish Game Developers Conference, SuperNimbus got the whole team together, from Dublin to Dundalk, from Mullingar to Mayo and from Galway to Greece, our team had been scattered far and wide on the 4 years since we started SuperNimbus, and this was the first opportunity for us to regroup, all-together for the first time since our founding in 2019.

Nexus was a really brilliant event, and it was great to see so many Irish devs come together to share their experience and talk about the Irish games industry.

Dinner & Friends

We took the opportunity while we are together to take everyone out for a meal at one of our old-haunts from the GameSparks days and were delighted to have friends and colleagues from AWS, AccelByte, Code Wizards and Radgivery join us!

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