Who are SuperNimbus?

As the ‘Metaverse’ takes shape, in whatever form, we will be there, building the systems, servicing the infrastructure and delivering thoughtful and practical solutions as we do in games.

Our founders, Sean Durkan and David O’Neill had worked at the ‘coal face’ of Unity game development before they met at GameSparks in 2015. They both went on to work at AWS GameTech together, and in 2019, the pair set up SuperNimbus. Since then, they have delivered GaaS solutions and analytics gaming services to various games and developed an innate understanding of all multiplayer platforms.

We love finding solutions to client issues; nothing makes our hearts sing more than building robust back-ends, unmatched matchmaking systems and seamless platform integrations. And it doesn’t stop there because live games are nothing without the data, and our analytics team can deliver insights to make your game better, stickier and more fun to play.

  • Sean Durkan

    CEO and Co-founder

    With over a decade of games industry experience Sean has engineered both front and back-end systems. He is a certified AWS Solutions Architect and has lost count of the number of games he has worked on.

    Sean fell in love with games and game engines in the mid nineties whilst looking ‘under the bonnet’ of his much loved Comomodore 64 games. But it was Half Life 2 that really sparked his deep love and passion for games that inspires him so much today.

  • Dave O’Neill

    Technical Director

    Dave has worked on numerous games in his 10 years plus of industry experience as a technical artist and multiplayer developer. With a background in fine art Dave moved into games so that he could pay the bills but still work on projects that he loved. Like Sean, Dave’s experience covered both front and back-end projects.

    The game that kick started Dave’s love of the medium was Civilization 3, with its deeply layered strategy and epic scale, Dave fell in love with it from day one.

  • Elissavet Chatzinota

    Financial Director

    Elissavet is a certified accountant who has over 15 years of shaping creative ideas into successful businesses. Her attitude to finance is to see it as a numerical alchemy that provides a structure for creativity to thrive.

    Whilst Bubble Bobble was the first game Elissavet fell in love with, she enjoys spending lots of time in the iconic Stardew Valley.

  • Vinny Power

    Senior Backend Engineer

    Vinny is a former GameSparks and AWS Gametech Engineer who has been working with SuperNimbus since 2019. With a name like ‘Vinny Power’ you can imagine a career as a Hollywood stuntman or WWE wrestler would have been a natural path but instead Vinny went into coding and has a vast knowledge of all things back-end and AWS.

    His most loved game is the classic Zelda: Ocarina of Time – a game Vinny will always adore.

  • Robert Byrne

    Solutions Architect

    Robert is a Certified AWS Solutions Architect with a deep understanding of backend and front-end development. His broad understanding of analytics enables him to work out what makes games, and so gamers, tick.

    It was the superb Starcraft 2 that really convinced Robert that games would be a lifelong passion.

Our Growing team

As SuperNimbus has grown, we’ve been lucky enough to recruit some spectacular talent at all levels. Supporting the management team above is a team of crack engineers who love nothing more than to get their heads ‘under the hood’ of multiplayer and cloud-based games.

Covering a broad spectrum of Unity, front-end and back-end skill sets, each team member brings something different to SuperNimbus. However, all are united by a passion for games and an adoration of titles ranging from Mario Odyssey to TimeSplitters and beyond.

When we are not actively recruiting, we are always on the lookout for people who love to get stuck into back-end code, so please send your details to