Platform Integrations

Platform integration brings together various software, apps, and services in a single place. This allows for the easy tracking and monitoring of game data which can be used in various ways in your marketing, branding, and game development strategies.


Sometimes you require services that are perfectly tailored to your needs, services that are more specific than an off-the-shelf solution can provide. SuperNimbus is experienced in creating bespoke backends for your business. We have extensive experience building custom backends using AWS core services. Serverless architecture allows developers to build and run services without having to worry about maintaining underlying infrastructure. Creating a custom game server from scratch for your game gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to take on anything the future might bring.

AWS GameLift

AWS GameLift is a dedicated game server hosting solution intended to help multiplayer games make it to market by supplying, operating, and scaling cloud servers. It combines matchmaking, global-connectivity, load-balancing, and much more into a single service, streamlining the managing of a multiplayer gaming experience. AWS GameLift reduces the time and on-going support needed to create and maintain a scalable multiplayer platform. GameLift packages all of the infrastructure, tools and SDKs into one service. All you need to know is how to use it. That’s where SuperNimbus comes in.

We provide services for setup and client integration, as well as tuning your multiplayer cluster to perform at its best for the lowest possible cost. Setting up your AWS GameLife can be a complicated task. With our help you can be assured that every process is completed to the highest standard, ensuring ideal operating conditions for your servers.

GameLift integrations offer a number of unique features that create reliable servers for uninterrupted gameplay:

  • GameLift FlexMatch
    allows you to autoscale in order to connect up to 200 players in a single session on the lowest latency server instance possible. FlexMatch also allows you to create custom matches for players while running peer-to-peer servers, on-premises servers, or using cloud compute primitives.
  • GameLift FleetIQ
    displays only the low-cost viable Spot instances.
  • GameLiftRealtime
    servers allow developers to easily update and create servers using simple lines of Javascript. This service was designed for turn-based, mobile, and messaging games in particular.

AWS Cloud Integrations

AWS Cloud Integrations provide solutions to problems. If you want to grow your possibilities and an off-the-shelf solution is too limiting for your game’s backend, we can help to integrate your existing backend with a wide range of AWS services which will expand your capabilities. Below we will discuss some of the main features of AWS Cloud Integrations services:

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
    Elastic Beanstalk is an accessible platform for deploying and scaling web applications. Upload your code into the cloud and let EB deploy and update your servers!
  • Lambda Functions
    No server? no problem! Lamba allows you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. No messy server setup or deployment needed! It’s pay-as-you-go, highly scalable and can run virtually any application or backend.
  • Amazon DynamoDB
    DynamoDB is a database service designed to run high-performance applications. It contains built-in security, in-memory caching, continuous backups, and other features that are essential for flawless performance. DynamoDB is a massively scalable database service frequently used to expand API services.
  • AWS RedShift
    Redshift utilises SQL to analyse data across data warehouses, data lakes, and operational databases for large companies. It employs AWS-designed hardware and machine learning. This service is ideal for companies who don’t have the time, specialised staff or expert experience to consider large packets of data.

Epic Online

As one of the biggest publishers in the world, with titles as big as Fortnite, Epic Online needs no introduction. Epic Online Services (EOS) is the ideal choice for stability and scalability when it comes to your backend. As one of their listed partners, SuperNimbus has specialist knowledge about EOS developers and EOS support. Contact our team today to see if EOS is suitable for your game.