Bespoke Backend Game Development

At SuperNimbus, we are experts in the development of bespoke backends using cloud service providers AWS. Bespoke backend game development involves finding unique solutions for situations that can’t be solved by off-the-shelf packages. If a standard backend doesn’t suit your game, or if you have something more spectacular in mind, we can help you create something special.

We aim to deliver the best solution for your team as well as your game. Our attentive team is invested in choosing the right elements to suit your game, allowing your creative vision to succeed

Choosing the Right Components

  • Environment

    We work with you to choose a runtime environment that suits your needs and that will support the planned future of your game. Working with NodeJS, Go, and Python servers, as well as serverless environments, we create custom backends to suit the needs of your games and users.

  • Database & Storage

    Not all games have the same database requirements. A precise balance of speed and flexibility is helpful but a custom server introduces the freedom to include exactly what you need to get the best performance for your game. Our expert team at SuperNimbus will work with you to ensure that you have what your game needs to excel.

  • Scaling & Load Testing

    Once your backend is designed, we need to make sure it can handle your players. This is especially important when you are running live-ops and promotions that can see large spikes in player numbers. We can provide load testing of your backend to ensure everything scales as expected, ensuring no downtime for your users.

  • Analytics

    No matter what kind of game you are developing, insights into performance metrics are required in order to plan for the future. We will work with your team to track the KPIs that are most important to you. KPIs for both business intelligence and game development are key to successful game advancement.

  • Live Ops

    We know that deploying a backend is only one part of our client’s backend needs. We will also work with your producers and designers to create service dashboards where you can update your content and run live events to promote player growth and engagement.

  • Cost

    Our job is not just to ensure your custom backend can run and scale, we also aim to keep costs down. We will help you to choose the right components for your ideal game environment while balancing cost and performance.